The Eternal Conflict Of Lovers And Dreamers

Sebastian and Mia from La La Land (2016)
A still from La La Land (2016)

As I came out of the movie theatre after watching this amazing movie, La La Land, I couldn’t stop pondering over the fresh and different theme it served its audience. It was a tale of two dreamers who eventually become lovers and how their fate ultimately brings them to the choice of either being a dreamer or a lover.

Pursuing one’s dream (career) has always been a luxury only a few blessed could afford. Something similar is the situation of the lovers, out of whom hardly a few end up together. Lack of employment, endless competitions, poor salary packages often take a toll over the dreams and aspirations of these dreamers, somewhere killing them inside but they bravely continue to live as mere robots, hiding their dreams on the pages of an old scrap book dumped in a closet.

This movie was like a ray of hope in the gloomy, harsh reality. The characters Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) and Mia (Emma Stone), although struggling, stick to their dream professions despite being unable to make ends meet most of the time. Their hopes are constantly being crushed but that couldn’t stop them from believing and at the end achieving their goals.

However, a major concern of the film was the choice between dreaming big and staying in love (at least for the audience!) with a pessimistic approach that both cannot co-exist. Then we were treated with this alternate ending which left us stunned! The being-in-a-relationship-and-being-ambitious- struggles shown in the film were so honest. In fact, one could easily empathize with the pain of this choice which leaves you broken. A dream is something one nurtures and nourishes for years with patience and hard work while true love is something rare and worth dying for. Making a decision between them definitely leaves a part of the person’s soul damaged and scarred. But what needs to be told is the fact that they can co-exist and that too happily if the individuals try and make an effort to do so because humans are gifted with strong will power and emotions.

The spirit of the film reflects as Mia sings,

Here’s to the ones who dream
Foolish as they may seem
Here’s to the hearts that ache
Here’s to the mess we make

At the end, this was an inspiring and powerful tale every dreamer and professional should watch.