The Feminist Rant

Stuck in a living room conversation of middle-aged women last evening, I was merely a passive listener having no other place to go. To my surprise it so happened that the ongoing conversation actually managed to grab my attention.

So there were this bunch of women discussing how they expect their daughter-in-laws to be while the rest of them who didn’t have a son happily participated in the talk giving their views and suggestions. Although these women were highly educated, independent and self-proclaimed feminists, it was awful to see how those values kind of took a back seat when their sons come into the picture (for them their sons being the center of their universe). It irked me to see how they wanted their own daughters to fulfill their ambitions, achieve their career goals and become successful in their life but when it’s about their daughter-in-law, they simply expect them to be highly educated and smart yet not very ambitious for their career. They want someone who prioritizes their husband’s career more than theirs and should willingly take up the responsibilities of the household to an extent of sacrificing their own careers.

After witnessing this regressive discussion for sometime and no more being able to contain myself I had to oppose this perspective which however didn’t make much change as my mother had to shut me up. Later, I walked out of the room. Strangely, whatever my views are today were inculcated within me by my mother. She always taught me to stay strong, independent and liberated.

Meanwhile, I found this hilarious video on Fake Feminists on YouTube: