Individuality-because you are amazing!

All our lives we struggle trying to be someone we are not, trying to trade our true souls for the fake image that the society would love and accept. Every passing day heightens the frustration of not being able to meet the expectations of the people you care for. Every day of immense hard work and toil yet no happiness and peace of mind. The more harder we try to make everyone happy and feel accepted, the more we fail.

Tell me, how many times did you try to act like that popular person from your surroundings in search of acceptance and failed miserably? Did those people really like the changed you? Or was it like they couldn’t have cared less? It’s not just you who is struggling with this feeling, it’s them too and frankly, you wouldn’t have cared about their struggles either because even you are too busy with yourself. This is the world (well, just exclude the self-obsessed narcissist types from the list as they belong to some other planet. They are downright aliens!).

Amidst all these chaos, every night as we go to bed recollecting the events of the day, we hear a small voice of the real soul screaming and crying, struggling helplessly to break free from the cage like body, dreaming of spending a day of freedom being who they really are and not caring about what the world thinks. Pretending to be someone else and altering your personality for the sake of it is same as going under the knife to change your outer appearance, but always remember what these things are ultimately tagged as, ‘FAKE’.

In this world of competition where everybody wants to look a certain way, think a certain way and act a certain way, it’s our individuality which is going to make us stand out and make us special. Moreover, the world is not worth giving up the amazing values and morals our loving parents have brought us up with. We can’t simply waste them trying to be like someone else, trying to adopt someone else’s values instead.

Individuality- Be yourself!