Growing Up With Austen And Rowling

We all had that one trending book franchise in our teenage years we went gaga over. Films were being made, posters were stuck all across our bedrooms, sensible youngsters suddenly became fangirls and fanboys while girls dreamed of a happily ever after with the hero of the book.

Guess what!! My teenage years belonged to the golden era or rather I should say the dark era of Twilight Saga  and how I adored that series during those days is another story all together. I actually thought Bella was such an amazing and relatable and self-sacrificing yet so smart character. Edward Cullen (the very pasty vampire) on the other was the epitome of male perfection being so protective and controlling over the naive Bella Swan.

At that time I readily bought the idea of Bella being the perfect and original woman who should end up with the perfect guy, little did I realize that she was in fact a weak woman who lacked self-worth and self-confidence. All those years young girls were being sold the wrong idea of woman they are suppose to be. Sadly, this character became famous because a majority of young girls fell into that Bella Swan’s category of personality types as insecure teenagers and their situation was worsening with media’s portrayal of such characters.

This was when some great authors came to my rescue. They saved me and my childhood from getting doomed and lost in the pop culture novels and their franchises. I can’t thank enough to the authors like J.K. Rowling for introducing me to women like Ginny and Hermoine, Jane Austen for making me stay awake at night with Elinor Dashwood and Elizabeth Bennet and even Charlotte Lucas for that matter, from whom I learnt a thing or two of how a self-loving real woman of grit actually is. Charlotte Bronte gave me a dose of harsh reality and how a woman, Jane Eyre survived through it (WITHOUT NEEDING A BOYFRIEND TO SUPPORT AND SAVE!). Louisa May Alcott took me to numerous adventures with Jo March. Some of them belonged to a conservative society yet they were a bunch of strong-headed females.

Although I still like reading the Twilight Saga books but it is the ones I have mentioned above that has a permanent special place in my heart. Probably this is the prime reason why the hype of the Twilight Saga died so soon while books like Harry Potter series (a modern classic), Jane Eyre and Pride & Prejudice went on become classics and remained extremely popular even after 200 years of it release. However, not to forget we still have some great heroines in modern popular literature too like Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games trilogy  and Tris from the Divergent series.