Hello Folks! 😀

Welcome to my blog.

I am Debangana Ghosh aka Diya, a twenty-one-year old Journalism student with an undying obsession for English literature especially Jane Austen’s works. So basically, I am a voracious reader, dreamer (passionate about journalism) and a part time writer. Not exactly a professional writer yet, but I enjoy writing as a hobby; maybe I might end up becoming one some day! 🙂 I am an ardent lover of music and movies (trust me, I can’t live without them!).

This blog is an outlet to my personal thoughts and ideas about life, things I like or dislike, things that make me curious, and everything else.

P.S. Waiting to explore fresher perspectives over things that matter, through the numerous people over the internet (something beyond family, friends and acquaintances)! 😀 🙂